Conference programme


Translating Feminism: 

Multi-disciplinary Perspectives on Text, Place and Agency

International Conference

Organized by the Leverhulme Trust International Network 

‘Translating Feminism: Transfer, Transgression, Transformation’


Glasgow, United Kingdom

13-15 June 2018

Wednesday 13 June

Glasgow Women’s Library


9.00-9.30 Registration



Panel 1: Challenges and Opportunities of Transnational Feminist Translation

Luise von Flotow (University of Ottawa) ‘Global English’ and the Challenges of Transnational Feminist Translation Studies

Olga Castro (Aston University) Feminist Activism and Translation in a Transnational World

Serena Bassi (Yale University) Inclusive Language? A Few Reflections on Queer Feminist Translation


Tea and coffee break



Panel 2: Collaborative Translation Practices

Michael En (University of Vienna) ‘What if you gave it to a white straight man?’: ‘Our’ and ‘other’ identities in an LGBTIQ* migrant community translation project

Karin Hanta (Middlebury College, USA) Eva Kollisch & Astrid Berger: An Intimate Intergenerational Encounter through Translation

Beatriz Regina Guimarães Barboza (Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil) A four-hand translation of Maria-Mercè Marçal’s Desglaç to Portuguese: a collaborative work as feminist activism





Panel 3: Feminist Knowledges and Re-Signification: Global Production and Decolonisation

Manasi Mohan & Thahir Kumar (University of Hyderabad) Translating Black Feminism into Indian Textbooks: Emergence of Dalit Feminism as a Critique of Savarna Hegemony

Pauline Henry-Tierney (Newcastle University) The Second Second Sex: Tracing the Global Retranslations of Beauvoir

Cornelia Möser (CNRS, French National Centre for Scientific Research) Michel Foucault and the feminist sex wars. Productive translations as a factor in feminist and queer knowledge production


Tea and coffee break



Panel 4: The Transnational and ‘Second-WaveFeminism

Hannah Yoken (University of Glasgow) From Books to Letters – Textual Communication and Transnational Nordic Feminism

Elissa O’Connell (University of Bristol) ¡Mujer, Vida, Acción! Translating the Universal in Latin American Feminist Magazines and their Translocal Solidarity Networks

Penny Morris (University of Glasgow) Translating Feminism in the 1970s Italian magazine Effe


Thursday 14 June

Glasgow Women’s Library



Panel 5: Rescripting Gender: Translating Between and Among Writing and Cultural Systems

Ruth Abou Rached (University of Manchester) Gendered activism in transit: the Arabic feminine re/scripted in and by English translation

Julia Bullock (Emory University) Feminist Translation and Its Discontents: Translation Strategies in the 1997 Japanese Version of Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex

Zhongli Yu (University of Nottingham, Ningbo) Re-scripting US English feminism into Chinese: Translator’s agency and strategy


Tea and coffee break



Panel 6: Translating the Reproductive Body

Jadwiga Pieper-Mooney ( University of Arizona) From Chilean Dictatorship to the New Millennium: Constructions of “Consumer-Citizens” and Competing Translations of Feminist Self-Help “Choices” 

Maud Bracke (University of Glasgow) Liberating the reproductive body: Luciana Percovich and the translation of the sexed self (1970s-80s)

Ursula Hurley and Szilvia Naray-Davey (University of Salford) “She would give birth to a child again. But not for him. Just by him.” Decolonising the reproductive body via co-translation of Anna T. Szabó’s short fiction





Panel 7: Feminist Creativity through Poetry

Sarah Valle Camargo (University of São Paulo) Translating Adrienne Rich to Brazilian Portuguese: the recreation of rhythmic ambivalence as a revision of the tradition

Melissa Tanti (McMaster University) The Translating Subject: Feminist Knowledge Production in Multilingual Literary Works


Tea and coffee break


15.30-19.00 Knowledge Exchange Workshop. Feminist Translating: Activists and Professionals

Roundtable and focus group discussion.


19.30 Conference Dinner at WEST





Friday 15 June

Yudowitz Seminar Room, Wolfson Medical Building, University of Glasgow


9.45-11.00 Keynote address

Clàudia de Lima Costa (University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)

Translation and the Ontological Turn


Tea and coffee break



Panel 8: Translation and Political Ideology

Annarita Taronna via Skype (University of Bari) Translation, gender and censorship under Fascism

Katie Krafft (University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth) Gender Trouble in transit: Reading contemporary Russian femininity





Panel 9: Translation and the Performing Arts

Shashi Kumar (University of Hyderabad) Critical Analysis of Feminism and Gender Roles in the Four Translated Versions of English Play Pygmalion in Kannada Language

Daniela Toulemonde (NUI Galway) Translation and Drag Queens: The Spanish Translation of Drag Queen Media

Lisa Wegener (Drama Panorama, Berlin) Translating narratives of gender and identity in international queer drama

Ting Guo (University of Exeter) Translation and Queer Feminism in China: Jihua network and Carol


Tea and coffee break



Panel 10: The Omission/Insertion of ‘Feminism’

Mélina Delmas (University of Birmingham) Omitting female agency: the first French translation of Lessing’s Martha Quest

Cole Collins (Edinburgh College of Art and Stiftung Arp e.V. Berlin) What’s in a name?: Gender and identity politics in two translations of Kurt Schwitters’ ‘An Anna Blume’ (1919)

Nina Nurmila (State Islamic University, Bandung) Indonesian Male Muslim Feminists: Case Study of Kiayi Husein Muhammad and Dr Faqihuddin Abdul Kodir

If you would like to attend, but you are not a speaker listed above, please register. There are separate Eventbrite pages for the conference and the roundtable:

Conference registration

Roundtable registration 


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  1. Good morning
    Fascinating event indeed and I would love to be there but have a long-standing commitment elsewhere all that week.
    Will you be recording the talks, or will proceedings be published at a later date?
    Either way, I would greatly appreciate being put on your mailing list for updates and future similar events.
    Many thanks and kind regards

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