Beyond the Canon

Translating Feminism International Workshop

University of Glasgow
4–5 November 2016

Across the world, feminist thought—broadly defined to include any debate on the improvement of women’s social status—has been instrumental in allowing women to articulate their experiences of inequality, as well as imagine and demand political and cultural change.

This workshop was dedicated to a variety of feminist texts, authors, and debates. Going beyond specific schools of ‘feminist translation’, we suggested a more capacious case study based approach, hoping to raise fresh questions and  to uncover new insights by looking at lesser-known actors, sites, and practices of translation.

Contributors and participants considered not only trained translators, academics, and publishers but also feminist activists and collectives, NGOs, politicians and writers. We began to identify sites that facilitated and shaped translation and to establish wider patterns of feminist translation in the postwar world.

Workshop strands addressed

  • the global travels of a text
  • transnational and transcultural feminist networks
  • translation practices by feminist collectives
  • transnational lives, travel and translation
  • multi-lingual texts
  • self-translation
  • feminist critiques of translation
  • the gendered contexts of translation work

Workshop Programme (PDF, 418K)