Women’s writing gets lost in translation


As we have just reached the end of Women in Translation Month, I wanted to share this insightful and inspiring article from The Conversation, written by a member of Translating Feminism’s network, Olga Castro. (Link at the end of this page)

Olga’s article highlights the fact that translations of writing by male authors vastly outnumber translations of women’s writing and she flags this as a sign of a wider misogynist bias in publishing more generally.

In addition to this excellent article, Olga has also recently published, along with Emek Ergun, an exciting new edited collection: Feminist Translation Studies: Local and Transnational Perspectives.  This volume brings focus to the idea of feminist translation as political activism, bringing together a comprehensive range of theories and discourses regarding feminist translation studies. Castro and Ergun have created a volume that is interdisciplinary and truly transnational in its scope; it is sure to become a key text on translation studies and gender studies reading lists in no time.

Link to The Conversation article.