Dr Ana Martins

Dr Anna Martins

Lecturer in Portuguese
University of Exeter

Ana is a native speaker of Portuguese with a BA from the University of Coimbra and a PhD from the University of Manchester. After submitting her doctoral thesis in November 2009 she took up a teaching appointment at the University of Cambridge and a Bye-fellowship (senior academic member) at Queens’ College. Ana was invited to teach at King’s College London in 2012–13, where was awarded a Visiting Scholarship in Portuguese Studies by the Charles Boxer Chair and the Camões Centre. Dr Martins is author of Magic Stones and Flying Snakes: Gender and the Postcolonial Exotic in the work of Paulina Chiziane and Lídia Jorge (Peter Lang, 2012) and co-author, with Emma-Jayne Abbots, Anna Charalambidou, Rocio Carvajal, Elaine Forde, Hazel Thomas, and Deborah Toner of Authentic Foods Around the World (HAT Events, 2015), the outcome of an AHRC-funded project ‘Consuming Authenticities: Time, Place and the Past in the Construction of ‘Authentic’ Foods and Drinks’ (2014–2015). Dr Martins is editor, with Sheila Khan, Hilary Owen, and Carmen Ramos Villar, of The Lusotropical Tempest: Postcolonial Debates in Portuguese (Bristol, 2012) and is Web Liaison for the Lusophone pages of the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women’s Writing.

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